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Our services offer individualized instruction to learners who either struggle with or seek enrichment in academic skills. Our academic support programs are designed to allow each learner to achieve his or her maximum potential. We employ a specialized phonics approach based on the Orton-Gillingham methodology, which uses all of the senses to teach sound-symbol recognition and decoding skills. Our multisensory method has been highly successful for students struggling with the reading and writing process. Our method is unique because it equips students with strategies to become self-correcting and independent learners. Each individual's program is success oriented, enabling the students to feel confident about what they can achieve, often for the first time in their lives.

"Making a difference with learning one child at a time"


  • One-on-One
  • Small group instruction
  • Individualized instruction plan

Results (2010 - 2011 Statistics)
Successfully Serviced Over 600 Students, including:



  • Kingergarten: 6 months growth in reading and math
  • First Grade: 9 months growth in reading and math
  • Second Grade: 1 year growth in reading and 1 year/6 months growth in math
  • Third Grade: 10 months growth in reading and 1 year/ 6 months growth in math
  • Fourth Grade: 1 year/3 months growth in reading and 2 years/7 months growth in math
  • Fifth Grade: 2 years/1 month growth in reading and 1 year/11 months growth in math
  • Sixth Grade: 4 months growth in reading and 1 year/2 months in math
  • Seventh Grade: 3 months growth in math
  • Eighth Grade: 3 months growth in reading and 1 year/9 months growth in math
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